Clay Kelterborn



Local Farmer

18 some years as Lake Township Supervisor



Central Michigan University



Farmer and Small business owner



Member of Michigan State Boundary Commission since 2008

Member of the Pigeon Rotary Club (1996-2004), serving as Vice President , then President and Assistant Governor for Rotary International

President, Huron County Chapter, Michigan Township Association (1996-1998)


Trustee Duties:

Like the supervisor, clerk and treasurer, the trustees are members of the township board with an equal vote in legislative and administrative government decisions within the jurisdiction of the township board. Unlike the supervisor, clerk and treasurer, however, trustees are not delegated specific statutory duties and responsibilities. As previously indicated, trustees serve terms of four years just like the supervisor, clerk and treasurer.


As the name implies, a trustee is an individual placed in a position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the affairs of the township for the best interests of the public. The trustee has the responsibility to attend township board meetings and participate in decisions and deliberations.

Trustees should be given an opportunity to investigate and study important decisions before voting. Trustees are frequently given additional duties and responsibilities by township board action.