Maps of proposed

sanitary sewer system


Lagoon within

the Township

Figure A2-1


Treatment Plant Site 

within the Township

Figure A2-2


Connecting to existing Caseville Township Lagoons

Figure A2-3



Lake Township Sanitary Sewer Study


Sewer Study Update


At the August 28, 2006 Township Board meeting Dorothy Fischer offered Resolution 2006-23 Approving Sewer Study and Board Members Rose Ann Remer, Bob Hyzer, Dorothy Fischer, Val McCallum and Clay Kelterborn voted to have Wade Trim do a preliminary engineering report for a sewer system along the M-25 corridor in Lake Township. A preliminary engineering study is required in order to apply for any federal grant and/or assistance funds for future infrastructure needs. USDA Rural Development provided $11,000.00 in funding for the study while $5,650.00 of Townships funds were used. Thus began the infamous sewer study that has been the talk of the town.

Wade Trim delivered the final draft of the Lake Township Sanitary Sewer study on Thursday, October 18th, 2007, and Rural Development will also receive a copy. The Lake Township Septic Committee, headed up by Trustee Rose Ann Remer, will review the document and make a recommendation to the Board. Rural Development will also review the final report and will make a recommendation as to the type of system they feel is most appropriate and inform the township of any funding they may be able to provide for the project.

As another alternative, the septic committee has been looking at a possible Septic System Inspection Ordinance. Residents would be required to have their systems inspected and if the system is failing, it would need to be repaired or replaced. The idea behind the ordinance is those property owners with no system or failing systems would be required to bring their property up to code and thereby do their part to protect the natural resources, ground water systems and help improve Lake Huron water quality.


Conclusions and Recommendations


It appears that constructing a wastewater collection system and treatment facility are the most attractive options for Lake Township.  By constructing a wastewater collection system Lake Township residents will have the benefit of a more reliable disposal system, allowing for increased regional development and increased protection of nearby surface water.


The primary obstacle of this project will be obtaining acceptance from property owners.  Due to the high costs associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of a wastewater collection system and treatment facility, it is understood that many of the seasonal property owners will not wish to fund the wastewater improvements when they only visit these properties several weeks or months out of the year.   Unless action is taken by the HCHD in denying building permits, or the MDEQ determines that failed septic fields are a leading cause of health concerns in the Saginaw-Bay area and begin to enforce punitive damages on communities,    wide acceptance of a wastewater project is not anticipated.  However, if grant dollars or low-interest funding were to become available to assist with funding this project, perhaps there   would be some desire to move forward.