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Fresh Water and the Great Lakes Economic Future a Conference Summery



Great lakes Area of Concern and Property Values



> Beach Monitoring <


The Huron County Health Department recently released an advisory for area beaches recommending that beach visitors limit their contact with the mucky waters. Individuals should limit their contact with excessive algae growth and muck. If you need additional information the Health Department’s phone number is 989.269.9721. You can also check the status of beach closings through a link on the Lake Township Web site at 

>Beach monitoring<


A survey has been developed to

help track possible illnesses

associated with recreational and

drinking water exposures in the

Saginaw Bay area. If you become ill after exposure to the water, please take a moment and go to 

www.michigan.gov/healthwatch  and fill out the “WaterWatch-Saginaw Water Survey”.



> Beach Muck <



Potential Public Health Risks Associated with Pathogens in Detritus Material
(“Muck”) in Saginaw Bay



Pinnebog River Watershed 



Lake Township is participating with other local municipalities and the Huron County Soil Conservation District in formulating a watershed management plan for the Pinnebog River. 

If you are interested in water quality and have the time and willingness to participate on a steering committee, please call Jeanette Renn at the Huron County Soil Conservation District at 1-989-269-9549.


>>  Beach Muck  <<


Phosphorus laws are a start to clearing our waters phosphorus limits law


Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement


Transcript of the public meeting held by the International Joint Commission
on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Review at Bay City, Michigan, on November 1, 2005

> Portion Given by Clay Kelterborn <

> Portion Given by Valerie McCallum <

> Complete Transcript <





Beach Grooming


> Permit <


The US Army Corp of Engineering requires that shoreline residents obtain a permit prior to beach grooming activities. For you convenience we have provided the US Army Corp. permit application form, if you have any questions concerning beach grooming or need assistance completing the application please contact Mark Lesinski at the Saginaw Bay area office 989.684.5969.


USACE application should be sent to:

Attn: Mark Lesinski

Bay City Field Office

1501 North Henry, Rm. #126

Bay City, Mi 48706