It has been brought to the Lake Township Board's attention that the recycle program is not being practiced in a manner requested by Emterra.  Please note below the practices needed to make the recycle program a success.


1.)        You do not have to separate the recycle items but be

            sure there is no trash in these bins. They are for recycle

            items only.


2.)        Containers must be rinsed out and lids removed.  Lids

            can be recycled also.


3.)        Dump items loosely in the transfer station recycle bin,

            not in a garbage bag.


If you are in question as to what the Transfer Station takes for recycling, ask the attendant for a recycling flyer listing acceptable items.  Plastic bins for storing and transporting your recycling are available for $7.75 at the Transfer Station or Township Hall.



Thank you for helping us make this program a success!