New Property Owners/Residents 

We would like to welcome you to Lake Township.



Welcome to Lake Township ! You will find that the area is progressive but conservative and we endeavor to continue to be the Jewel that it is.


As new property owners, you may have questions about zoning, building requirements, trash services, voter registration, principal residence exemption and tax questions, to name a few.


This Web site has information for immediate access: Further, a Township representative is available at the Township Hall Monday through Friday between 10am and 2 pm. (Except Holidays) by Telephone, or by Email, or Fax:



Phone:  1-989-856-4867

Fax:       1-989-856-9710



Our local officials are a cross section of farmers, professionals and retirees (including previous cottage owners).  All officials are available if there are any questions you may have.  Input is always welcomed when you feel it may improve the township. 


If you have any questions, maybe the FAQ below will help.


    Facility for Trash disposal?  (Transfer Station)


Lake Township property owners can use our Transfer Station (Wed. 2 PM to 6PM) (Sat. 10AM to 4 PM) (Sun. 9 AM to 4 PM).  Fees are posted.  We also offer free recycling, free grass, leaf and brush disposal year round on days the transfer station is open.  Residents may also wish to contract privately for trash pickup. 


    Is there any Real Estate available; land, cottages, and year round homes?


Yes! If you travel through the township you will notice FOR SALE signs by owners or local realtors in Caseville, Port Austin, and Kinde.


    What are the Taxes?  


Taxes are based upon the annual millage rate and collected twice a year.  Summer taxes are due by September 15th and winter taxes are due by February 28th.  Taxes are payable to the Lake Township Treasurer.  If you want a quote as to the current millage contact our Treasurer: 


Treasurer (1-989-856-4867) or E-mail:



A property tax estimator can be accessed at:


    What form of Police Protection is available?


Lake Township does not have its own police department but falls under the jurisdiction of the Huron County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Michigan State Police.


For all emergencies, call 911

For non emergencies, call 1-989-269-6421


    Is there a Fire Department nearby?


Lake Township is part of the Caseville Area Fire Protection Association (CAFPA).  Our fire hall is located at 6833 Main Street in Caseville and is staffed by volunteers from the City of Caseville, Caseville Township and Lake Township. Again, For all emergencies, call 911


    How are Building permits issued?


Building permits are required for all new construction as well as certain repairs, such as roofing, windows and doors and some remodeling.  Before beginning any project, it is advisable to consult with our Building Inspector.


Building Inspector who is available at the township office Monday and Wednesday from 8 AM to 12 PM.  1-989-856-4867


    Are there any Zoning restrictions?


Yes! We are a zoned township.  Most projects will require a land use permit which is available upon application with our Zoning Administrator.  Before beginning any project (I.E.,FENCES, DECKS, DEMOLITIONS, SHEDS, CAR PORTS PORTA-JOHNS, GARAGE SALE PERMITS, ETC.) contact our office and speak with our Zoning Administrator or Building Inspector.


Zoning Administrator’s hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 8 AM to 12 PM.  1-989-856-4867


    Are the Township Ordinances available for viewing?

     Yes, ON OUR WEBSITE  ( General Ordinances ) ( Zoning Ordinances ), or in the Township office at 4988 W. KINDE RD., CASEVILLE.


    Are there any public parks nearby?


Lake Township is fortunate to have several public parks along its six mile shoreline.  Beginning at the east end of Lake Township at Oak Beach Road, is the Oak Beach County Park with 55 camping sites, a picnic area and beach.  MDOT’s Thompson Park is next just west of that with a scenic turnout and beach area.  Heading farther west, in approximately the center of Lake Township is Philp County Park, with a beautiful sandy beach.  At State Park Road and M-25 is Sleeper State Park, a 723 acre state park with 226 camping sites, hiking trails, and a day use park for picnicking and swimming.


>> Public Park Links and Information


    What Infrastructure is in existence?


Paved Highway (M-25), Available Electricity, Phone, Gas and Cable TV(internet)


    What kind of roads are there and in what condition are they?


We have mostly paved roads and some gravel roads that are maintained by our Huron County Road Commission winter and summer.


    How close are the Schools?


It depends where you live in the township. We have three school districts that provide bus service.


         >> School Links and Information

Elkton-Pigeon-Bayport Schools

Caseville Public School

North Huron Schools         


    Are there stores nearby?  

There are two convenience stores within the township and larger stores a short drive from the township in Caseville and Port Austin.


    What area activities are available?


Year round activities are swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, snowmobiling and cross country skiing.  There are also annual events enjoyed by locals and tourists in Caseville, Port Austin, Bay Port , Port Hope, Harbor Beach , Bad Axe and Sebewaing, as well as other nearby villages.


    What is the history of the area?  (History)


If there is any way we can help to make your introduction to the Township easier please don’t hesitate to use the available resources.


Again, Welcome to our Community.